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We want to show how we develop aircraft as well as the character and functionality of the already existing models. We hope that you will be pleased with the results. The Aviad-2 is the first creation of the AN2 team. It is already designed, manufactured, delivered and installed in the hangar. We are happy to present it to you as the first aircraft of the series. All the planes of the line AN2 will be designed, manufactured and delivered, so you can expect to be one of the first to get it. It is an aircraft for all the pilots. The AN2 will be able to perform the tasks of a one-man aircraft, and if necessary you can also let other pilots use it. The aircraft is designed to be a high-quality touring or light transport aircraft, which is safe and reliable. The plane, which is a modernized AN-2, has a new engine, which will allow it to fly for more than 5 hours. The plane has a very low price. The AN2 is a new aircraft, so it has some specific features that you will be able to see in the articles of this line. The plane is developed by the same engineers who created the legendary Antonov An-2, one of the most successful planes of all time. The AN2 is built for the operators of small airports, clubs, fairs, where there are no such high-performance aircraft. The AN2 can be used by pilots with a limited experience. The new aircraft has a complete complement of standard avionics and a multifunctional cockpit. The plane is certified, meets all the requirements for the certification process and can be used not only in Russia, but in all other countries as well. Antonov An-2 is the only five-seat aircraft that is specifically designed for performing both transport and aerial work. AN2 is a good alternative for all those who need a reliable, safe and cheap plane. This aircraft has a good response to the flight conditions, has a low cost of flying, a high level of quality and safety of operation. In order to further optimize the design and functionality of AN2, we developed the new line of aircraft for Antonov AN2. This is the second creation of our team, and we will present it to you in the near future. We invite you to visit our website and to follow us on social networks. We appreciate any feedback that you can give us. We are looking forward to your attention.




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SibWings An2 nadeonil

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