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[BitTorment Net] Fire Emblem Akatsuki No Megami Wii NTSC JAP




Release! Review Fire Emblem: Akatsuki no Megami is an RPG for the GameCube that is based on the Super Famicom game Fire Emblem: Akatsuki no Megami. It was released for the Wii in Japan on July 27, 2007 as a Japanese-only title and April 24, 2008 in Europe and Australia. Gameplay is similar to other Fire Emblem games in the franchise, only this time you fight as a cast of characters rather than one main one. This has caused some confusion among some who may think that it’s the same as Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem since they are very similar in their story and gameplay. Players will have to check the box on the main menu for some characters. The characters you unlock will be there, but you cannot change who they are until you turn the game off and back on. You can change this in the options menu if you want to, but that costs more game space and you can only save your game once so you’ll have to start it over if you choose not to change it. There are three paths in the game: you can choose to be Celica’s brother and run a school or you can choose to be her younger sister and run a shrine; you can choose to be Ricard’s daughter and run a cathedral or you can choose to be her younger sister and run a shrine. Some may question why there would be multiple paths for Celica and Ricard when the person with the strongest character is Celica and that is because this is a 3rd Person view game and not a first person one like the other Fire Emblem games. You can change this to first person if you wish, but you have to start a new game to do so. Similar to previous games you will play your main character in turn based battles where you have to press a button to attack. If you press it, you can change the attack. There are certain units that are auto-hit when they attack that are more important to hit than others, but they’ll just follow your lead. If you aim for something or the game thinks you’ll hit it, it’ll aim for it and the turn will end. If you don’t, then the unit will attack someone else and the turn will continue. There are many different units, their abilities and stats, and while you can learn them, it’ll take a long time to get good at them because the AI



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[BitTorment Net] Fire Emblem Akatsuki No Megami Wii NTSC JAP

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